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My mission is to spread awareness about ALS; a disease that affects over 4,000 Canadians, one of whom is my sister.

Join your friends , family and neighbours in a whole host of fund raising events that go directly to either ALS Canada or the local Ottawa ALS Clinic.

– Thank you so much,

David Collins

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin$100,000Raised $15,490 towards the $100,000 target.$15,490Raised $15,490 towards the $100,000 target.
So far we have raised $15,490 towards our 2030 goal of $100,000! That‘s 15% of the total!

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ALS Awareness Ride

ALS Awareness BBQ

ALS Awareness Comedy Night

This is an African Adinkra symbol called tabono.

Tabono means “oar” or “paddle” in the Adinkra language of Western Africa. It is a symbol of unity of purpose, strength, confidence and hard work to reach a destination or goal.

Our logos are based on this symbol as they embody the essence of “unity of purpose” as
we really are stronger together for change.


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