Our Coordinator

David Collins
Founder of ALS Awareness Event

My family ever since I was a kid consisted of volunteer work that my parents were constantly involved with, for example they were the co-founders of the Waupoos Family Camp that helped families to spend a week at a cottage on Waupoos Island. From there, my helping people continued with two habitat for humanity builds and other charity involvements.

My first build I did with my father and other family members and the second one was with my sister Carolyn, Tony and friends.

When Carolyn told us in January 2023 that she was diagnosed with ALS, I was on the ALS website and Facebook to see what events were created to raise funds for this disease. So, I created the ALS Awareness Ride and BBQ Event that will run yearly. We will do anything for family and this is what I want to do for her and everyone else affected, so we create Awareness.

John Purchase
Media Consultant, IMX Productions

A call from Steph Legari (A.K.A. StephTheGrillingGourmet) was all I needed to jump on board and help with the ALS Awareness Events campaign.

I think of Jake, a retired Canadian Submariner stricken with ALS, and I’m thankful I can help in any way.

David has a constant stream of great, fun and innovative ideas, and I really enjoy working with him.

My heartfelt thanks to all of you who participate in any way!

Proud Supporter of ALS Canada and the Ottawa ALS Clinic

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